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The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice explicitly focuses on the common underpinnings of many of our most pressing social and health problems. Our aim is to build a broad and effective coalition across sectors and systems. We recognize that sustainable change requires the participation of the people most affected by policies and services as well as those responsible for their implementation, and we are committed to including everyone’s voice.

CTIPP embraces a public health framework, addressing the social determinants of health and supporting the integration of promotion, prevention, resilience-building and healing activities. We recognize the importance of using an intergenerational, lifespan approach. We know that people are fundamentally resilient, and we prioritize actions and policies that support and build on natural strengths.

Our work to help create a just, equitable and trauma-informed society will require the development of broad-based, systemic solutions and structural reform in addition to new partnerships and funding mechanisms.